Healing against nature

How to start healing despite what nature wants How do we humans avoid feeling our emotions? Ah, let me count the ways! We are wired to avoid our emotions, not mindfully embrace them.  It is clear from affective neuroscience research that emotions are connected to our evolutionary motivation system. Feelings signal how we are reading […]

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Body awareness to start healing

Why You need tri-awareness to heal YOUR BODY Movement is a way to learn to pay attention to the senses, inside and out. This can be extremely important when endeavoring to resolve trauma. It is the information from the senses that the amygdala [which is responsible for emotions, survival, and memory] uses to determine whether

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trauma informed movement prescription

Trauma Informed movement prescription Often times the hardest part about movement is where to start. When you’ve experienced trauma fear and uncertainty are huge factors to consider when starting a movement protocol. Just as there are many different types of trauma and ways they are expressed, the good news is there is no magic prescription

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Trauma Informed Movement

Trauam Informed movement Trauma-Informed Movement is an approach in which movement coaches have an understanding of how trauma impacts the brain, nervous system, movement, and overall whole body. The goal of the trauma-informed movement is NOT to diagnose or cure it. Instead, it is a targeted practice designed to assist movement coaches to enhance the

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Trauma informed new years resolutions

Trauma-INFORMED New Year’s Resolutions New Year, New Who? For many with trauma-related issues and needs, Happy New Year is a kind of an oxymoron – there isn’t much that feels happy when facing a New Year that includes continuing to deal with the impact of unresolved trauma. Unresolved trauma carries many unpleasant, frightening, stressful thoughts,

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