Feeling disconnected?

How do you know if your disconnected from your emotional body

You have sleeping issues
You often have brain fog
You procrastinate
You don’t have much patience
You have joint issues
You struggle with losing weight

I meet you where you're at

Empowering humans to heal from the inside out.

Foundation of trauma informed movement

Fitomize Formula

Safely removes stress & inflammation from your body.

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Move your body without pain or fear.

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Trauma is biological so identify which emotions are holding you captive.

Numbers Speak

How You Move, Feel and Think Matters!

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Years of Experience

2.5 University degrees and over 20 certifications in the health and fitness industry. I have worked in big box gyms, PT studios, physio clinics and opened my own studio 10 years ago. 

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Happy Clients

I have worked with people from all walks of life ages 8 to 80. From unathletic non-gym goes to fitness minded parents and grandparents to athletes and bodybuilders. 

Programs & Training's

I offer a variety of trauma informed healing services, courses, online programs and coaching to address ALL of your health and wellness needs. 

BodySafe Coaching

What are the details?

  • BodySafe is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into how to best support YOUR nervous system. 

  • We will continue to explore, identify and further remove stuck or trapped trauma using customized movements and coaching that will support your healing.

  • 16 x 60-90 minute 1-2-1 co-regulation calls over 4 months

  • Fitomize App access to trauma informed movement routines and life habit tracking that will support your nervous system
  • Personally guide you on YOUR path offering safety and flexibility in your healing journey
  • The idea is we want to meet your nervous system where it’s at to understand what it’s telling you and to start building more resiliency. 


The experience with Julie has been very positive. Julie understands how bodies of all ages work and she builds on your strengths. She seems to know what I need before I do. Julie makes working out fun and interesting if exhausting. I really respect that Julie works in a holistic way that takes into account strengths and weaknesses.
Client for 4 years
I can't express enough how my life has transformed ! Mind, body, and soul! She's always teaching me something new ! Julie has been my rock thru the storm!
Client for 2.5 years
Julie is an amazing trainer! Thoroughly trained and educated plus she is so personable and friendly. Amazing!
Mom of 1
Julie is the most passionate trainer I have met she truly dedicated herself in improving YOU without being pushy. If you are stuck or feel that you need change, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Client for 3 years