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ConnectING with the Thom's

We wish to share the untold truth about the health and fitness industry based on our combined 70+ years of experience.. 

We want you to connect and feel empowered in your own mind and body via interacting with each other. 

This show is about connection for you, for us and for the world. 

This is the Connecting with Thom’s podcast. 

Let’s start the connecting. 

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Julie is amazing a figuring out what the problem is even when we are online. I describe where the pain is or where the tightness in my back-with a few questions Julie suggests something that invariably work! 

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I offer a unique approach to health and wellness by incorporating myofascial release, fascial reflexology, breathing and movement to allow your body to heal.

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Go from surviving to thriving. Adopt new healthier habits to protect yourself from viruses or diseases.

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Neuro Training assists you to "re-train" how you view your life experiences and allows you to move beyond your challenges and expand your life.

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Julie Thom

Bonjour! I’m so happy you’re here! I am a highly educated Wellness and Trauma Informed Movement Coach (holistic personal trainer) who is passionate about helping you optimize how you move and live.

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