How Fitomize Began

There are a few new people in the community, so I wanted to share the story on how Fitomize began.

10 years ago almost to the day, I was at home nursing my newborn baby boy. My husband and I struggled to have children so to me he was my wonder child. We had spent the last 3 years trying to conceive and he was finally here. The stress of trying to conceive is no joke. It had taken a lot out of me mentally, physically and emotionally.

Add that to the fact that for the 10 years prior to trying to conceive, I worked for a company that I gave my blood sweat and tears to. I dedicated my life to helping people get fit and healthy and boosted the revenue profits for this company 10x. I would wake up at 5am to train clients, manage 9 different personal training departments and finish my day around 10pm with completing reports. I would eat breathe and sleep healthy and fitness day in and day out.

But, I was getting tired. My body was battered and breaking because I wasn’t taking the time to properly care for it. This may have been one of the reasons why we struggled to conceive. I was unhappy and I was having a hard time trying to conceal it.4 months before my son was born I was let go from the company. It was a shock and completely unexpected. But, they knew I was unhappy for a long time and the fact that I was loyal to a fault they were doing me a favor.

Luckily in Canada we have a year of maternity leave to spend with our newborn offspring. I was grateful for the time to be with him plus it gave me a year to figure out what I was going to do in this new chapter of my life.

I had always wanted to be a firefighter. Or a teacher. I did actually start my PhD to become a professor of sports. I’ve always been curious about movement and sport so it was a good fit.

But, 3 months after my son was born a friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would be interested in training her mom. She didn’t trust anyone else but me. Her mom had some “special” (her words) considerations that she felt no other person would be able to address but me.

Helping people with injuries and/or managing pain had become my specialty over the last few years. I said, I wasn’t really interested because I had just had my son, but she insisted. Her mom was going to be doing a huge canoe trip and she was afraid she would get hurt if we didn’t prepare her for it properly. I agreed to phone her mom to discuss it.

Two days later I showed up at her house with my son sleeping soundly in his baby seat and we began training together. We still work together to this day and she still has the teeth marks in her yoga block from my son using it as a chew toy.

That is how Fitomize began.

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