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I wanted to be more fit, stronger and have more stamina with entering my 70’s. The real reason that I started to look at staying fit as I aged was a conversation I had with a friend back in Dec. 2015. She told me that her 2 sisters couldn’t take baths because they were too unfit to get in and out of the bath-tub. I decided I would not become the “little old lady” who couldn’t get out of the bath-tub! My experience with Julie has been very positive. Julie seems to understand how bodies of all ages work and she builds on your strengths. I am doing things I never thought I would be able to do—lifting weights, and Turkish Getup among others. Julie makes working out fun and interesting. She seems to know what I need before I do. When I had an injury, she took the time to research it and then was able to help me with the recovery by focusing on exercises that would help and avoiding what would make the injury worse. I really respect that Julie works in a holistic way that takes into account strengths and weaknesses. Julie doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach to fitness; she tailors everything to your personal needs. In my case, she has helped me to be the best I can be physically at this stage of my life.
Client for 4 years

Top 10 Reasons to train with Julie

  1. Julie uses a practice based approach and doesn’t follow fitness fads and ignores mainstream advice.
  2. It’s about YOUR journey – you don’t have to being shape or find the perfect time.
  3. No more living woulda, coulda, shoulda – she coaches you with where you are now.
  4. She helps you feel more than you see.
  5. She helps you find what your good at even when you don’t even know. 
  6. Helps you sneak in movements into your everyday environment.
  7. She doesn’t follow the pack mentality or follow the status-quo.
  8. She dives deeper than the surface to truly help you understand what is going on with your body.
  9. Helps you connect with what you love about yourself.
  10. She helps you feel at ease – enjoy what you are doing – and makes movement fun!
Julie is an amazing personal trainer. I've noticed a huge difference in my strength and less aches and pains. She keeps the workouts interesting and is a great motivator.
Mom of 3
fitness trainer
I have worked out with Julie for almost 7 years, and never get tired of it!! She has developed workouts specifically for my many training needs. She is always positive and motivates me to improve!! I have progressed constantly since starting with her. I was ready to give up some of my favourite activities until she helped me!
Grandpa to 5
I started working with Julie about a month ago and have already started feeling the benefits. She is very knowledgeable and has helped with tips for all aspects of my health and fitness.
Busy mom of 2 boys
I look forward to my workouts with Julie. We do them via web conference via Zoom so she can demonstrate and see if I'm doing things correctly. She is able to modify workouts when I have an injury or migraine so I stay on track. Absolutely accessible and motivational! Work with Julie to find a routine that works for you!
Client for 3 years
The reason I started to work with Julie was due to having bad knees and I stopped playing competitive sports so I wanted a way to stay in shape. My experience with Julie is that is she is very easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable with working out. I was timid at first, but working out with her allowed me to feel like I knew what I was doing in a gym setting. I’ve been working with Julie for a couple years now and my knees have gotten better – fewer dislocations. I have even increased my strength. She accommodates to meet your needs/schedule. I would recommend for anyone to work with Julie because goals are met in a timely fashion. Julie is a positive, motivating, and a hard worker. If you want fun, challenging, and a variety of motivating workouts I would highly recommend you contact her right away.
Life Adventurer
I have been working with Julie now for almost 3 years. She has taught me so much about fitness. More importantly she has helped me learn more about myself. I am more confident in myself, I am stronger physically and mentally. I am 59 years old and am in my best shape ever. I have even lost weight and feel great. Julie is a great teacher, makes working out fun and my goals achievable. This is the first and only fitness programme I have been able to stick with. Julie works on all aspects of your health and wellness. Strong is the new skinny! Thanks Julie for all your help and support.
Client for almost 3 years
Eight years ago I started working out with Julie to successfully prepare for a 117 km canoe trip in northern B.C. Since then, she helped me deal with a painful bout of sciatica and has ensured that (now nudging 71). I can enjoy golf, sailing and hiking.....pain free. There are lots of things I would rather do than exercise 😏 but Julie's focus on each client's individual needs and goals ensures that I stick with it. She has even personalized quick 15-20 min/no equipment workouts for when I'm away from home.....my "no excuse" routines! Julie is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who is committed to helping her clients be the best they can be......thanks, Julie!!
holds title for longest Fitomize client!
I have had the pleasure of training with Julie for a couple years. She is not your average trainer. She applies science behind every move to improve whatever part of your body/muscle needs to strengthen. You can never really teach something that you are not really passionate about. Julie is the most passionate trainer I have met she truly dedicated herself in improving YOU without being pushy. I would totally recommend that you give her a try, if you are stuck or feel that you need change, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Clients for 2 years

inspiring Tips from Fitomize clients

Take time to use the peanut everyday – 2 minutes a day for yourself can make a huge difference in many aspects of your life not just movement. – Kelly

Be accountable to yourself. In order to improve your wellbeing you need to commit yourself to get the help you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Help isavailable, push yourself at your pace and the results will be very rewarding. – Len

Keeping pushing forward and never give up. You are worth the effort and the person you discover won’t disappoint you – Deanna

You’ll never regret the workout you did. So many times I didn’t feel like it but after I finished my run, class, treadmill whatever it was I never regretted it. – Krista 

Don’t let your schedule discourage you, exercising when you can is better than not at all. – Helen

Focus on the joy of movement. If you take the time to learn how to properly maintain flexibility and mobility then you can do almost anything! – Peter

Find something you enjoy and be consistent with it. Make movement a regular part of your life because without it, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities and/or possibilities. – Ed

By taking any time you can (even if it’s 5 mins a day) for yourself improve physically it will go a long way. By focusing on yourself it can help you become a better mother, wife and friend because you have more energy, stamina and confidence. – Nichole

Be persistent! Some days are going to be hard, but if you want to be healthy and have a clean mind you must push through the hard times. Persistence will bring you the results that you want. Also, set up small goals. Once you achieve one goal set up another like dominoes. When you have momentum, consistency and accountability you will be unstoppable. – Carmela

Roll and stretch out your body everyday. Get to know your body and what it means when something doesn’t feel right. Be your own ambassador to your health. Soon you will understand when you eat the wrong foods, how it affects your joints and muscles which can hinder your progress. – Tammie

We all know it’s important to set goals, but without accountability for them you will not be able to reach success. Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. I’ve been an avid exercisers all my life and I thought what I was doing for myself was correct. I thought living with shoulder and knee pain was a part of being an exerciser. I’ve since learned that it was a movement patterning issue and has been since corrected. Now, I can do things easier and continue to incorporate new exercises into my life. Make the trade-offs in your schedule and make yourself a priority. You won’t die thinking I should have exercised less. – Carrie

Life is about choices. Everyone has at least 10 minutes every day for themselves. You have a choice each morning; do you check the social media account or do you take the time to do stretches, mobility or rolling to improve your day? As I said, the choice is yours. – Cheryl

Know that everyone has to work at it! Don’t expect instant results. It’s a lot of hard work but when it starts to pay off you’ll know and feel the difference. – Stephen

Rest in between the exercises is essential for growth and improvement.Give yourself a chance to rest and relax so that you continue to improve. – Yvette