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If I have one piece of advice for you today it would be to pick up heavy things and move!

There was a time in your life, probably when you were a kid, when you were excited and challenged by something heavy. You would try to push or pull your couch across the room or you would try to get that big heavy gallon of milk up onto the counter.

Somewhere along the way, you stopped feeling excited by heavy things and started seeing it as a chore or work so today we are going to try to reframe this thinking.  

Lifting heavy things has beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity, visceral fat, blood pressure, cholesterol (both kinds), triglycerides, bone mineral density and cardiovascular health. Yeah, that’s all backed up by research too.

What’s important about the term “heavy” is it’s a completely relative term. This means, what is heavy for you is probably different, and sometimes VERY different than what is heavy for someone else. To get the benefits that I’ve listed above, the weight you’re lifting only has to be heavy FOR YOU. There’s no need to compare your heavy with someone else’s. So, no pressure.

The key is you need to lift something heavy enough that you hold your breath. For some of us, we hold our breath when we get up out of a chair (you never even noticed, did you?). That means that your own body is going to be enough for a while.  Caution: If you can’t move it on your first try, then you’re done trying. But use this natural holding of breath with other things that can get heavy, like groceries, a big bag of laundry, or your kids/grandkids as your metric.

Now go find a kid or shovel some snow, and pick stuff up!

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