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Feeling disconnected from your body and you’ve tried everything? 

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Masterclass Series

In this 5 part series, you will discover and more importantly understand how your physical body is nothing but a hidden emotional/energetic fingerprint. Next series TBD

BodySafe 1 on 1 Coaching

Take a deeper dive into how to best support YOUR nervous system using trauma informed movement & a variety of healing modalities.

ReThink Wellness Academy

A trauma informed group learning experience where we move, heal and connect together.
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Inner Circle Healing Club

No one heals alone. The Inner Circle is a gathering space for people who have experienced some type of trauma and want to learn how to remove trauma from the body. This is a place for safe connection and healing through movement, meditation and emotional sharing.

Self Paced Trauma Informed Movement Programs

No time to meet a coach, get to the gym, classes or have no equipment?
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Dolphin neuro Stimulation

Reset your entire nervous system with this unique protocol that can help you heal anything from joint pain to digestion issue to recovering from surgery.
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Connecting with the Thom's Podcast

We wish to share the untold truth about the health and fitness industry based on our combined 70+ years of experience.

We want offer you hope, help and proactive health tips without a prescription.

This podcast is about connecting you to your body, mind and soul. 

Let’s start the connecting. 

Online Personal Development Coaching

Pain Free living

A trauma informed approach to Rebuilding your relationship with your body Using Mindset and movement.

"heal from your own debilitating chronic pain."
health and movement julie

Is this for You?

  • Are you ready to connect to your body internally to reduce inflammation?
  • End the cycle of chronic pain by embodying your ability to heal using natural movement?
  • To work on your limiting beliefs and patterns which are holding you back?
  • Ready to unlock your limitless potential? 


Before seeing Julie, I thought living in pain was just the normal aging process. I now realize that living pain free is what is going to keep me going for a long time to come. Julie is also a WEALTH of information when it comes to health and well being. Probably much to Julie's dismay, I no longer Google anything health related - I text Julie! If you're looking to improve your mobility, health and wellness, you need to look no further as Julie is your girl.
personal training client krista
Julie is an awesome movement specialist who provides personal assessments and custom programs to help clients improve their flexibility, mobility, balance, and strength. As a senior who wishes to stay active and pain free, I count on Julie to help me achieve that goal. I’ve been working with her for 8+ years and she continues to play a key role in helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle.
personal training client cheryl

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