Nervous System Regulation

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Embark on a transformative journey of nervous system healing and unlock the power within your mind, body, and spirit.

Break through the barriers and reclaim your vitality by overcoming the walls standing in the way of your health and healing journey.

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How do you know if you need to heal your nervous system?

Recognizing the need to heal your nervous system can be nuanced and varies from person to person. However, here are some common signs that may indicate the need for nervous system healing:

  1. Chronic stress: If you find yourself constantly feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or on edge, it could be a sign that your nervous system is overburdened and in need of healing.

  2. Emotional dysregulation: Difficulty managing and regulating your emotions, experiencing frequent mood swings, or feeling emotionally reactive can be an indication of an imbalanced nervous system.

  3. Physical symptoms: Chronic pain, tension, headaches, digestive issues, or other physical symptoms without a clear medical cause may suggest that your nervous system is involved and may benefit from healing.

  4. Trauma or past experiences: If you have experienced any form of trauma or challenging life events, it can leave a lasting impact on your nervous system. Healing may be necessary to process and resolve these experiences.

  5. Sleep disturbances: Frequent difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restless sleep can be a sign of an imbalanced nervous system that needs healing.

  6. Fatigue and low energy: Constant exhaustion or chronic fatigue can be an indication that your nervous system is overworked and in need of restoration.

  7. Poor concentration and cognitive difficulties: If you find it hard to focus, have memory issues, or struggle with cognitive tasks, it may be related to an imbalanced nervous system.

  8. Heightened sensitivity to stimuli: Feeling overwhelmed by noise, light, touch, or other sensory experiences may suggest that your nervous system is hypersensitive and could benefit from healing.

  9. Lack of joy and connection: If you notice a persistent feeling of disconnection, lack of joy, or difficulty experiencing pleasure, it could be related to an imbalanced nervous system.

  10. Unexplained anxiety or depression: If you’re experiencing ongoing feelings of anxiety or depression without a clear cause, healing your nervous system may be a valuable path to explore.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s nervous system and healing journey is unique. If you resonate with any of these signs, it might be helpful to seek support. 

Your breathing is linked to your nervous system
Let's assess how Well your breathe right now

How to start healing your nervous system

Inner Circle
Group Healing

Do you want to be part of an emotionally healing movement community?

This inner circle offers the embodiment side of healing. We use a side door approach to healing trauma which means we explore the mind AND body to heal. If you’re feeling isolated or have hit a wall with your therapy modalities the inner circle is for you. Research has proven community is key to healing the nervous system. We meet bi-monthly to support the nervous system. 

Come join us in the Inner Circle! 

Body Awareness Self Paced 30 Day Program

This 30 day online body reset program will offer a daily movement routines along with practical self assessment tools for you to feel less shame in your body,  more joy, and more confidence in your well-being. Ready to  feel less stressed, reduce chronic pain or muscle tension you have been experiencing and more integrated into your own body? This program is for you. 

Finding Safety Self Paced Program

This self paced in depth course will allow you to understand what your body is trying to tell you, so you can stop guessing and relying others to feel better.  This lifetime access course teaches you how to use mindfulness and other holistic practices (such as proper breathing, vagus nerve exercises and lymphatic drainage) to take control of your pain, so that it’s no longer controlling your life.


Your Nervous System Is Directly Linked To Your Body’s Stress Response

It’s 9pm and you find yourself binge eating craving sugar, alcohol or maybe it’s salty foods? You can’t sleep. You’re upset with yourself for losing your temper…again. You feel like you’re slowly losing control and your body hurts more and more. This is stress. When you are stressed your body doesn’t function properly. Let’s solve this problem together. 

What Clients Have to say

“I had a cold and couldn’t breathe very well. Julie took me through a series of breathing drills that not only cleared my sinuses and my ears, it helped me get over the cold faster. I would have never have thought certain breathing exercises would have such an impact on my overall health.”
“Had a dental app’t tda…6 needles, 6 fillings (lower outside of teeth…an age and stage thing!). Was in chair for over an hour and a half with all kinds of gadgets…and hands…in my mouth! Did diaphragmatic breathing (nose only) and it was a piece of cake!! I’m usually fine with dental work anyway, but today it was totally easy peasy…even the dentist commented that I never flinched! And recovery was total non event…like nothing had been done...amazing! So there you go...🙌”
“Being a front line worker the stress of COVID took its toll on my body and I started getting heart palpitations on my way to work. Once I learned how to control my breathing, my stress level has decreased 10x fold.”
“I used to feel like I couldn’t get my breath past my chest. It was like it was stuck. Now I am able to breathe more freely and easily.”
Hydro One Consultant
"I hurt my back and wasn’t able to walk very well for a couple of day. Julie took me through some breathing exercises and it was like a miracle drug. The pain disappeared and I was able to touch my toes. Never underestimate the power of breathing”
"After doing singing practice just now, you WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH MORE CONTROL there is!! I attribute this entirely to your breathing lessons! The notes are well more precise, with smoother transitions and I am able to hold them longer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!