Shut your Mouth and breathe...

Is your breathing helping or hindering your health? 

Why Should I Care about My Breathing?

Breathing is directly linked to your body’s stress response

It’s 9pm and you find yourself binge eating craving sugar, alcohol or maybe it’s salty foods? You can’t sleep. You’re upset with yourself for losing your temper…again. You feel like you’re slowly losing control and your body hurts more and more. This is stress. When you are stressed you breathe more and poorly. 

Poor breathing habits compound over a lifetime and take a toll on health and happiness. Many of us are unaware we’ve been stuck with those bad habits for weeks, months or even years. So, find out if your breathing is helping or hindering your health. 

Are you

  • Frustrated with your health 
  • Struggling with finding time for yourself
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Taking pills to solve your problems
  • Stressed and anxious which is disrupting your sleep


  • Decrease your stress and anxiety
  • Improve how you sleep
  • Lose weight
  • Decrease use of medication
  • Improve your BOLT score

Ready to Start


proactive health

The Health and Wellness Industry is about to change in a BIG way!

Whether you’ve been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the “right time” to “get fit” and take charge of your health, or struggling to motivate yourself to make the lasting life-changing habits you’ve been hoping for…this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for. 

The Health and Wellness tides are changing and there’s NOTHING but opportunity for proactive health conscious people like you who are prepared to take advantage of the shift. 

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to create, build and live a proactive healthy sustainable life!

What people have to say

"I had a cold and couldn't breathe very well. Julie took me through a series of breathing drills that not only cleared my sinuses and my ears, it helped me get over the cold faster. I would have never have thought certain breathing exercises would have such an impact on my overall health."
"Being a front line worker the stress of COVID took its toll on my body and I started getting heart palpitations on my way to work. Once I learned how to control my breathing, my stress level has decreased 10x fold."
"I hurt my back and wasn't able to walk very well for a couple of day. Julie took me through some breathing exercises and it was like a miracle drug. The pain disappeared and I was able to touch my toes. Never underestimate the power of breathing"
Hydro Consultant
"I used to feel like I couldn't get my breath past my chest. It was like it was stuck. Now I am able to breathe more freely and easily."
"Had a dental app’t tda......6 needles, 6 fillings (lower outside of age and stage thing!). Was in chair for over an hour and a half with all kinds of gadgets.....and my mouth! Did diaphragmatic breathing (nose only) and it was a piece of cake!! I’m usually fine with dental work anyway, but today it was totally easy peasy......even the dentist commented that I never flinched! And recovery was total non nothing had been done......amazing! So there you go, Julie........🙌"